Sunday, February 26, 2006

SIRIUS tuner rebate received and processed...

6 weeks later! Better late than never when money is involved, at least when you don't account for interest. I received two email confirmations today. Or rather, after not checking my email yesterday, I saw the following emails today. The first, at 12:03p, PST (it's when it showed up in my email box. 4:55a may have been time sent plus EST adjustment b.s. plus Intertron inferometer telemetry interlineation):

From: SIRIUS Satellite Rebates
Date: Feb 25, 2006 4:55 AM
Subject: Your rebate has been received


Your SIRIUS Satellite Radio rebate submission for 50.00 has been received. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.

The second, at 12:48p, PST (again, I can't explain the time differential -- 4:55a to 6:49a is one hour, 54 minutes but 12:03 to 12:48 is 45 minutes. See Intertron, supra):

From: SIRIUS Satellite Rebates
Date: Feb 25, 2006 6:49 AM
Subject: Your rebate has been processed

Your SIRIUS Satellite Radio rebate submission in the amount of 50.00 has been processed. Your check will be mailed shortly. Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

Ok, I can deal with that. My guess is that SIRIUS received on the order of hundreds of thousands, if not close to one million, rebate requests right around the time I submitted mine. Maybe I'm optimistically assuming everyone submits rebate requests, but suffice it to say they received a lot.

So, 50 bucks headed my way soon. Nothing bad to say about that.

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C-had said...

Still no word on mine from mine, mailed off December 28th. I need the money now as I just scored an XBOX 360 tonight and I have to upgrade this core clunker to the full monte and get the hard drive and wireless controllers (Already got the HD cable!)

Kevin said...

Congratulations on the X360! I'm not sure when I'll have one. Probably once some must-have games (for me) come out, like Gears of War, Splinter Cell 4 and maybe Topspin 2.

Eric said...

I got my e-mail about the rebate about 3-4 weeks ago. Still no check but it's nice that they alert you via e-mail.

Sean Padraic said...

I just received a postcard yesterday from Sirius declining my rebate because "an original copy of the ESN/SID barcode was not submitted."

Here's the rub - it was submitted. I printed out the online form, filled it out, sent the receipt, circled the shit they wanted me to circle, cut out the UPC and sent it all in. With my stuff taped to the form, highlighted - just as anal as can be - checked and double checked it...motherfuckers. Lost my UPC. So they send me a postcard. Declined. When I submitted this stuff, my girlfriend and I sat down at the table and filled all the crap out at the same time, because we both bought radios. She got her rebate last week. I got a denial postcard. Some shithead at the rebate processing center no doubt came back from his three-joint lunch, and lost part of my overly-complicated paperwork.

So, I called Sirius customer service - very pissed off. I say "I can't send a UPC, because I don't have one. I sent it to you. However, I still have an empty box with the UPC cut out of it." [Which I'd like you to fold up real small and stick way up your ass!] The customer service rep (who is in India, I can tell, so I can't, without great effort, find him at some office building and take a nice dump in the middle of his desk) tells me to take my Sirius radio, photocopy it and send that in with the denial postcard, and they'll see about processing my claim. He says that one way or another, they'll credit me. I'll believe it when I see it.

I did not throw out the box. Even though I cut off the UPC. Somehow, I had a bad feeling the Man was near, and waiting to stick it to me. The process of getting the rebate was so complex that I had a bad feeling they were going to try and screw me. (A similar situation happened to me last year with 1-800 Contacts.)

Here's the deal. In the corporate rebate game, it's called "slippage" they count on it for profitability. You are absolutely right - they don't want to give you your $50 rebate. They want you to give up and go away. They want to keep your money to pay for their Howard Stern/CBS lawsuit, and really good lunches with cocktails at expensive NYC restaurants. And you know the retailer and Sirius will continue advertising the lower, after-rebate price. They know rebate submissions are complicated, and most people will give up.

BUT TAKE HEART! You can be a pain in the ass for them! Here is how:
When you send letters to Consumer Affairs, and the offices of Attorneys General, they HAVE TO FILL OUT LOTS OF PAPERWORK in order to provide detailed responses. If enough people share this information and complain as consumers - Consumer Affairs may do something to stop the process of hyping rebates. Or at least forcing them to be handled on-line in a fashion that serves the consumer.

I realize sending a complaint letter is another hassle, but I hope some people will consider filing complaints to Sirius, Consumer Affairs and appropriate Attorneys General. If you're taking the time to blog about it, you can probably send a letter. Please pass this information along.

Check out this other thread:

Kevin said...

Sean: What a nightmare. It's the worst when you do everything you're asked and you *still* can't get what you're entitled to. So far I've only received the emails I quoted in my post, so I can only assume and hope that a check is actually on the way.

I think complaint letters are worthwhile, especially when you've followed the proper procedures and a company still isn't fulfilling its part of the bargain. I wish you good luck and I'll be sure to update my blog when and if I receive my rebate.