Saturday, February 04, 2006

Adam Carolla is on in Sacramento

While looking for a station to wake up to on my analog-dial clock radio I discovered that Adam Carolla's morning show is on 106.5 KWOD here in Sacramento. For some reason I had thought we would either have "Jack FM" (93.7 KHWD, now KQJK) or nothing to take Howard's place on regular terrestrial radio here in Sac-town. The show is decent, pretty funny, and his co-host / newsperson is the smokin' hot Rachel Perry. She's another hot Canadian, has appeared in Maxim Magazine, and has been a VJ and host of a couple of shows on VH1. I don't quite know how to describe my attraction to her other than to say that I'm genetically drawn to her. It's not just that she's physically beautiful. There is a primal, unconscious compulsion at work here. Somehow I know that our genes vibrate in unison.

"Jack FM" is part of Viacom / Infinity Broadcasting's "Free FM" Howard Stern Replacement Strategy. Seriously. Check out the press release. The other day I heard a "Free FM" promo on another local station, 98 Rock KRXQ, stating that "you shouldn't have to pay for radio." Disgusting. Corporate Crap™. That station was immediately off of my listen list. Interestingly, you'll notice that the domain for Carolla's show's web site is "," indicating it is also part of the vast Viacom conspiracy. That there are at least four radio stations, the fourth being 100.5 KZZO, owned by Viacom in Sacramento is a cruel irony to the "Free FM" moniker.

PS -- the best Rachel Perry pics are on her bio page for Carolla's show.

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C-had said...

You know, I feel like I am getting a better deal paying $130 a year for sirius than I ever did with "free" radio. What is free about listening to what probably amountds to hundreds of hours of diamond and gold vault commercials?

Kevin said...

C-had: yes, exactly. Not only do commercials make terrestrial radio not free, people somehow have forgetten that at some point they too, paid for that FM radio that enables them to receive those "free" broadcasts.

Eric said...

I agree. Not only is it worth it to skip the commercials, but the channels target styles of music better. 1st Wave on Sirius plays maybe 75% music I like, vs the best FM channel maybe 5%, if that.

Eric said...

Do you think Adam is hitting that chick Rachel? That would be awesome.

Kevin said...

Eric: I doubt it about Adam hittin' that. He's married and she apparently has a boyfriend. I know that hasn't stopped people before, but from what I can pick up listening to the show there doesn't seem to be anything going on. It *would* be awesome for him, though. Cause, you know, she's ahh, super-hot.