Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cool Starmate Replay feature I just discovered

The Instant Replay memory feature of this tuner is cool enough, but since I have mainly used this feature while listening to Howard in the morning, I hadn't discovered its ability to skip backwards and forwards to particular songs within the recorded period. If you pause the live broadcast and then have, say, 20 minutes of music in the buffer you can press and release the "<<" or ">>" buttons to skip back and forth, respectively, between songs in the buffer. Until today I had only used the "<<" and ">>" buttons by holding them down to just rewind and fast forward through commercials on talk channels. Since the talk channels don't appear to have logical breaks of songs like the music channels do, the skipping feature doesn't work.

My brief initial skim of the tuner's User and Installation Guide upon purchase and installation had not revealed this feature to me, but once I read about it today I learned you can also hold down the "play/pause" button to change the display to a listing of the artist's names in the stored audio, giving you the ability to skip to any particular one, including the option to go back to "live" radio. Very cool.

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