Saturday, February 18, 2006

The best commercial ... and my favorite show on tv

I saw the commercial for this product and my jaw dropped for the duration. Actually, several times during the commercial my jaw allowed me to form the word "YES!" and then "this is the best ad ... I have ever seen." Check out the video loop on the site -- you can't tell me that's not compelling television.

I ran into that ad while surfing during a commercial break for my absolute favorite show for laughs, MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) on Spike TV. The Spike site is all flash, so even with broadband it takes too long to load. It also plays a video continuously (and commercials if you pause it) so if I could apologize I would. Just turn your speakers off. A much less offensive and more informative link is at the ubiquitous Wikipedia.

The video and images on the show are from an old Japanese gameshow from the 1980s called Takeshi's Castle. Spike's version has english voiceovers for the ridiculous visuals which, in terms of funny, are second only to the performance of the contestants on the show. The short version of what goes on is that people who are generally uncoordinated confront physical challenges that often resemble a real-world physical manifestation of Super Mario Brothers. The obstacles appear to be made of foam and wood, like something you'd make in your backyard, which just adds to the joyous cheesiness.

For example, one of the events requires a contestant to cross a narrow elevated rope bridge without handrails, carrying a gold-colored volleyball, and make it all the way across the wobbly bridge without [DEUUUUGE!! *-- headshot!] ... without falling while two or three other guys on the ground use a machine to shoot volleyballs at legs, the groinal area, head, face and at the precious gold ball to knock the contestant off.


I just guffaw and laugh at the antics. I cannot control myself. The games are out of control and the contestants hopelessly inept. Sometimes they succeed, but it's rare. This goes on for half an hour, but often this show is run in marathons, so usually there's at least an hour of goodness to be had.

* Hear DEUUUUGE!! (Flash required):


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Buerto said...

Man, I love that show too. I think I laugh most when they dub in the women's voices (especially the giggling). I too guffaw at the antics. I concur with the real-life SMB analogy.....; ) Long live MXC!!!!