Thursday, January 12, 2006

SIRIUS billing update and favorable outcome

I received an email today from "Sirius Pricing and Billing" about my prorated charges that were incurred (see my #2 Activation issue and the 1/6 update here) when I activated my subscription on 12/29/05 . An excerpt:
Thanks for contacting SIRIUS, regarding your account balance inquiries.
You are correct, that was the pro rated fee for the last two days of
December. I credited your account for that insignificant balance, we
hope that outcome is favorable for you.
Why yes, this outcome is favorable for me. I logged into my account and indeed, the balance due is $0.00. It's nice to know SIRIUS isn't just triaging customer support issues and then throwing them away. Obviously my request had an additional review and was resolved in the best interest of the customer. While I agree that $0.84 is an "insignificant balance" in the grand scheme of things, the amount of goodwill that this small gesture bestows is not.

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