Saturday, March 18, 2006

SIRIUS tuner rebate actually in-hand

It was sitting in my mailbox after work.

An envelope. You know the type: tightly folded, perforated tabs on each end with small print that says FOLD AND TEAR ON PERFORATION. I knew what it was, but after reading Sean's comment to my previous post I was a bit apprehensive. Could this be the denial postcard of which he had so vehemently directed his words and in fact most of his own entire blog? It was within the realm of possibility.

Alas, and forsooth, yea, verily, it was a check. Not just any check, mind you, but one pre-printed with the greatest of efficiency, minimizing the resources consumed to create and propel it on its winding journey from Young America, Minnesota to my humble abode on the west coast.

One lovingly personalized as it passed through a high-speed printer and mass-mailing folding machine, with my given name...

The name my bank will recognize as being associated with my checking account.

So as I bathe in the light reflected by its preprinted whiteness and sip my nitrogen-charged Murphy's Stout my eyes are drawn to the numbers enclosed within a small grey box along the right-hand side of the check, just below center...


... and there was much rejoicing.


Eric said...

Hey! I got my rebate today as well!

C-had said...

Got mine too!