Monday, June 07, 2010

Artie's voice on the radio

Last week The Howard Stern Show was on break and played a special collection of clips called "Wasted Week." It was a showcase for funny bits and the recounting of drunken misadventures of several of the Stern Show staff, former guests of the show, Wack Packers and others.

Some of the stuff was pretty funny but what I noticed most was the presence of Artie Lange's voice on many of the clips. One would think some of the stories would have been about Artie, but I didn't hear any. He was just part of the show, one of those making observations and participating in interviews and bits. I was reminded of how much he brought to the show with his observations, jokes and laugh. The show is still funny now, but hearing these clips reminded me that it is missing something.

I think I express the sentiments of many Stern Show fans when I wish Artie the best and hope that he takes whatever steps he needs to to get better. Hopefully he can someday return to comedy and maybe the Stern Show.