Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pics from PAX 2005

I can't explain the layout of these pictures, I can only do my best to describe what is in them. The picture that appears to be of a card is indeed that -- it's my three day pass to the event.

One of the next pictures (portrait orientation) is a view down three floors with a large PAX banner at the far end of the hall.The bottom floor is where the "free play" console games were. The level the picture was taken from is where the board games, PC and console tournaments were held.

The third picture is of the registration area, taken from the top of the escalator on the first day.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Live update - placed 3rd in the Splinter Cell tourney! We lost in the third round to the winner of the whole event.


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PAX 2005 -- finally!

As seems typical for many bloggers, I haven't updated as regularly as I've wanted to. Things like eating, drinking beer and hanging out with friends have taken priority.

A quick summary:

Day 1
Checked in, received swag-bag with some goodies, including a 20-sided die. Played some "free console" games of Mario Party 6 and Mario Kart: Double Dash. Gear there is top-notch: each console has a plasma flatscreen in the 40" range. Drank beer.

Day 2
Attended a seminar titled "Make Monday's strip with Gabe & Tycho." This was the coolest thing so far. In the main auditorium, everyone watched they guys onstage as they went through the inking and coloring process for the comic. Q&A was done throughout the whole process. Monday's comic is hilarious -- it involves videogames and Jesus, which is a recurring theme if you're a regular PA reader. You will laugh.

Also, the exhibitor hall was open and we saw playable versions of the new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for GameCube as well as Mario Kart DS on the well... Nintendo DS. Also, the red vs blue guys were there and I was able to see them making an episode in real-time.

Day 3
This is still being determined. This morning I am preparing for the Splinter Cell tournament, which will be at 10:00. I've showered and just need something to eat and a Red Bull and I should be good for a few hours. More soon.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Arrival in Seattle

I'm in Seattle now, about to go to bed.

Here's a great interview with the Penny Arcade guys done by gamecloud.com that describes what PAX 2005 is all about.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

PAX 2005 trip

I'm leaving today for Seattle to attend the 2005 Penny Arcade Expo. It runs Friday, 8/26 thru Sunday, 8/28. I'm going with my buddy Shawn and meeting my friends Tom and Misha up there.

The event is similar to E3, but is oriented to actual, real game players as opposed to selling and advertising to other companies and impressing the media. Along with seminars with industry pros and exhibitor booths there will be a number of gaming tournaments, from card-based strategy games to consoles to PCs. Shawn and I will be participating in the Xbox Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory tournament on Sunday.

I will be documenting our trip right here as my first blog project, hopefully updating at the end of each of the three days. I'll also post an article documenting the trip on a great gaming community site I am a member of, GameDays.