Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon

What I am looking at:

Lazy Sunday afternoon

What I am listening to:

Pink Floyd "Animals" LP art

Pink Floyd "Animals" LP art (inside)

Pink Floyd's 1977 album "Animals." One of my favorites. The guitar work of David Gilmour is simply superb--it conveys the feeling of the theme of this album perfectly. Great bass work on here too, by Roger Waters. Heck, everything is terrific. I love the drums, keyboards and synthed-out vocals and sound effects, plus the various farm-inspired metaphors conveyed through the lyrics.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A little self-promotion--Scenic Brews

I am a contributing writer to a new e-magazine published by a friend of mine out of Southern Arizona. It is called Scenic Brews and the general theme is all things brewed, from beer to coffee to tea to whisk(e)y and back to beer. Accompanying food and photography of the same is also an emphasis.

I am writing the "Beer & Pizza" column and this first column is an introduction and then discusses a recent beer tasting I went to at a great local restaurant here in Sacramento called OneSpeed Pizza. The e-zine will be published every two months with occasional updates inbetween. I hope you enjoy it.