Saturday, May 12, 2007

Warm-up for Halo 3 multiplayer beta

[UPDATE on Halo 3 release date in last paragraph]

In anticipation of the upcoming multiplayer beta and in the spirit of reuniting with my Xbox 360-owning brethren I purchased the redesigned Halo 2 maps this week ... for my original Xbox.

Thought I was going to say I bought a 360, didn't you?

Both Xbox and Xbox 360 owners can download and play these two new maps, so I thought I'd check out the new content and maybe play with some old friends. I was happy to see that my wireless connection worked well last night -- 56Mbps with "good" to "very good" signal strength. No lag here.

I'm going to be able to play the Halo 3 multiplayer beta thanks to the generosity of one of my gaming buddies, so I figured I should hammer the rust off of my skillz before then. Before last night, the last time I had played Halo 2 multiplayer over Xbox Live was 12/3/2005. At the end of that day I had played 704 total games and reached level 16 in the Big Team Battle game type. Adding last night's nine games, here is a summary of my stats:

Total games: 713
Total kills: 3,274
Total deaths: 5,837
Kill/Death ratio: 0.5609
Total assists: 1,928

If you add my assists to my total kills my kill/death ratio rises to a more respectable 0.8912. My mere presence in the game contributed or directly caused the virtual deaths of 5,202 players. That sure is a weird thing to say.

I am reinstituting a feature I used to have on my blog, namely a link to my recent Halo 2 stats via an RSS feed from The link is in the right margin underneath the link to my Technorati profile.

I found the link to this video montage of Halo 3 multiplayer beta gameplay in a post on Eric's blog. Read the little interview before watching the movie for some interesting tidbits about the guy who made the video. Pretty impressive gameplay from the internal beta at Bungie. The release of Halo 3 will certainly be a "drop dead" purchase event for me to buy an Xbox 360. No date is set for the release yet [NEW INFO: Sept. 25], but it will be 2007.

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E-Doo said...

Not having played Halo 1 or 2, when I watch that video, it looks very fluid like the old Unreal Tournament II. I used to play that all the time at work. The graphics were very good for its time, but the key was the fluidity. That Halo 3 beta looks fluid AND has incredible graphics. I'm looking forward to you showing me the ropes.

I guess I need to pre-order before it is too late.

With Forza right around the corner, when ARE you going to drop the doubloons on a 360?