Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Convert RSS feeds to an HTML link

Just found a cool and free web-based utility that will convert RSS feeds to a URL that you can then add to your web site without any scripting on your part. Once there, select "Option 1" and follow the instructions.

I found it as a result of wanting to display my recent Halo 2 stats like Major Nelson does in the right-hand margin of his blog near the bottom. This utility doesn't break out the stats all pretty like Nelson's, but when you click on the link it shows the same information. Also, once at the stats you can click on any individual game and you will be taken to Bungie's site for all of the info about that particular game.

The link to my stats is in the right-hand margin over there above my list of links. Maybe public accountability will drive me to play more and improve my skills.

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