Thursday, May 31, 2007

Impressive guitar simulator for Nintendo DS

In addition to providing a hilarious comic involving Patrick Swayze, yesterday's Penny Arcade revealed to me a very cool guitar simulator to be released in the U.S. this June. Apparently one can even play the DS's touch screen with a real guitar pick, though I imagine more control might be possible with the standard stylus.

Jam Sessions goes one step further than the likes of Guitar Hero in the sense that there is a "free play" option, the ability to add effects like reverb, chorus and others along with the ability to save the songs one creates. No word on whether the DS's wireless capabilities will be exploited. I would love to be able to create .mp3s of songs and email them around. Take a look at the video at the linked page above to see the mechanics -- the D-pad and shoulder button appear to determine the note or chord played and the touchscreen determines the rhythm and tempo of the song. The sounds are sampled from a real guitar and are quite impressive.


C-had said...

That looks really really cool, yes, almost cool enough to buy a DS for. Wow!

Kevin said...

I'm glad you commented, Chad. I thought of you when I saw this after your comments last weekend wondering about a game that could teach someone to play a real guitar.

I've played with a DS before and it is a truly cool and innovative little machine. Really creative and different games, plus wifi and a touchscreen. I may pick one up someday... after I have a 360, of course.

E-Doo said...

I bought a DS for Katherine to play Sodoku. Maybe I'll have to pick this up and add it to my collection of instruments. Who know, maybe the softwares output will make it onto a musical creation of ours.