Sunday, May 27, 2007

Colin Hay in Sacramento

If you're any fan of music from the 80's surely you remember the band Men at Work. Last Thursday the former lead singer of Men at Work, Colin Hay, had a tour stop here in Sacramento. What's so great about this tour is it is just him playing solo acoustic guitar. He played songs from his library of solo work in addition to acoustic versions of some Men at Work favorites. A tribute to the songwriting of Men at Work is the fact that the acoustic versions are just as good, and in some cases better, as acoustic guitar pieces. His use of a 12-string guitar on a few songs added a beautiful fullness.

Mr. Hay is, in addition to having one of the most iconic voices of 80's music, a terrific guitar player. One might not expect the lead singer of what was essentially an 80's pop band to be so accomplished a player. Also, his voice is still in prime form. He hit all the familiar high notes clearly and with confidence.

Mr. Hay is also quite funny. His show was part standup routine and storytelling. Several times during the set he would talk for up to 10 minutes, regaling the audience with stories of touring recently with Ringo Starr's band and his various experiences over the years touring the United States. Apparently he's been mistaken for the singer from Flock of Seagulls (by a policeman who pulled him over) and Sting (by a gas station attendant who, when Colin told her he wrote the song "Down Under," said he didn't remind her at all of Sting.)

Be sure to check out his web site and buy something from his record label, Compass Records.

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Xymyl said...

I have not followed his work at all. He's going to be at the Cave Creek Coffee Company as part of what I think will be the beginning of some sort of consonantal alliteration venue tour. If only his name was Colin Cay or he was made of a nice Flemish Reddish/Brown Ale, then I would be sure to go see him. Of course, men at work aren't supposed to drink alcohol, so I suppose it is even worse in the mind of the public if they are made of alcohol.

Personally I wouldn't have a problem with him operating a forklift on stage as long as I wasn't in the front row. I wouldn't mind seeing a drunk Colin (H)Cay working on high voltage wires and drinking excessively dry vermouth from a tuba while hanging from a skyhook. He'd better be able to keep from getting electrocuted though. It would still be a concert, not nascar!

Maybe I'll go see him.