Monday, January 09, 2006

Thank you, George Takei

These were the first words of The Revolution.

In pure Howard Stern style, these words were heard after hearing farting of the melody to and with the theme from 2001 and George Takei's introduction.

Believe it or not, George Takei (the actor who played Lt. Sulu from Star Trek; pronounced Ta-KAY) is the new voice of the Howard Stern Show. He was live in the studio today and will be all week. He will continue to be the announcer for the show via recorded pieces and presumably he'll be in the studio when possible.

It was revealed that Howard is NOT married, though he tested everyone's reactions by initally stating that he was. Great reactions all around, mostly disbelief and disappointment since Howard has preached for years to all who will listen that he will never again be married.

The revelations were revealed, though the identities of the corresponding show staff will not be matched together until next Monday. Speculation will run wild until then. has the list of revelations.

Howard gave a press conference on the air with George Takei moderating and the studio was full of mainstream media. All topics were open for discussion and we'll have to see what is actually reported.

The show went commercial-free from 6 to 11:15 am, though after this initial show there will be approximately 6 minutes per hour of commercials during the show. The staff was actually relieved about having commercials since it will give them a slight break to prepare material or go for food or facilities. There were a few musical breaks, one to correct a technical problem with feedback and others at the beginning and end of the press conference. There were a few lead-in musical bits using songs from Pantera, one of my all-time favorite hardcore/metal bands. Perfect attitude for the show.

Other news
Judge Samuel Alito's hearings have "begun," sort of. I had the TV on, muted, at 9a to see the beginning and I still can't tell whether Judge Alito has even been sworn in yet. The senators have each been making their 10-minute opening statements for about three hours. I suppose the formalities are necessary, but seem there mainly to allow the senators to sound important. Alito looks like he could fall over with boredom at any minute.

UPDATE, 1/9 at 12:21p: Alito is being sworn in!
UPDATE, 1/9 at 2:08p: ...and he's done. Actually Alito's opening statement was maybe 15 minutes and then the hearings were concluded until tomorrow. How boring.

Other other news

The Dow broke 11,000 today if anyone cares. That hasn't happened since June 2001. I can't believe it's not butter.

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Aaron said...

Don't you wish Takei were sitting in for longer than a week, but forever? He is absolutely fascinating. Did you hear him this morning talking to "Schwarzenegger?" He sure gave Arnold a piece of his mind!

Kevin said...

aaron: Takei is absolutely the best new part of Howard's show. His voice is amazing, he's funny, and he has a great sense of humor about the ribbing the staff gives him throughout the show. Takei's reaction when Howard told him that the "Arnold" he spoke with was an impersonator was awesome.

In my opinion Takei lends additional credibility to the show for new or potential listeners to Howard's show.

It's also great how open everyone on the show is about how much they love having George on the show.

Kevin said...

Apparently I prefer to use the word "show" twice in each paragraph I write when I reply to commenters.

Usually for a total of six in each reply.