Thursday, January 05, 2006

Firefox use gaining on Internet Explorer

Congratulations! Today, for the first time, visits to my blog with IE 6.0 have dropped to 48% of all visits. Firefox 1.5 is next at 28%. The remaining visits have been using Safari, Mozilla and earlier versions of both IE and Firefox. I've even had two visits via Blackberry -- using a Canadian IP no less!

All non-IE visits add up to 45% of the total visits. We're making progress.

Keep up the good work -- Get Firefox!


Eric said...

I think the mysterious Canadian Blackberry user is ME! Of course, I'm not in Canada, but all Blackberry users who use GPRS for web retrieval go through a proxy server in Canada. I check out your site from Blackberry all the time.


Kevin said...

A-ha! Very cool. I did not know that about Blackberry via GPRS.

When my brother (who is overseas in the Navy) visits my site he comes through the "Dod Network Information Center" servers in California.