Friday, January 13, 2006

Just because...

George Takei has been almost universally praised and appreciated by fans for his presence and contribution to the Howard Stern show as the show's new announcer and voice. His laugh, his voice and his sense of humor were simply outstanding. George apparently enjoyed his time also. All of these pictures are from An excerpt from today's (Fri., Jan. 13) show summary at


Following the news, George commented that it was “very, very special” not only being a part of the first week of Howard’s show on SIRIUS, but also being there for his birthday. George added that he plans on visiting the show as often as he can in the future. Howard then closed out George’s week of announcing by replaying his parody of the Christina Aguleria song, “Beautiful,” in his honor.

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Aaron said...

There is no doubt, George Takei was the shining star of the Stern show's first stellar week, giving birth to at least one classic moment if not several, and being an overall mensch and damned entertaining man. I hope George will be in the studio again. Oh, my.