Saturday, June 09, 2007

A little recognition...

You may remember my comments about the layout of a recent article in Wired and the interesting contrast I noted between the print and online versions and the resulting irony. At the time I separately submitted a summary of my thoughts to Wired's "Rants" section, which is the equivalent to writing a letter to the editor.

To my surprise and glee they actually published my comments! They are both on the web and in the current print edition, 15.06, June 2007. My comment is titled "A Revelation," which is something the Wired editors came up with. I don't know if that title implies a revelation on my part or on theirs, but I suppose it fits in the context of realizing a print article represents the feel of an online experience better than the same article on a web site.

I was hoping for a link to my blog, and actually fantasized about them doing a graphical comparison with pictures and a link to my blog, but I'll take this.

I am now an internationally published author... or commenter.

Or ranter.

Thank you.

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E-doo said...

I read your rant in Wired, but failed to notice the author. I must have extreme tunnel vision or something. I went back and read your submission again and recalled reading it the first time. My brain has been very tired lately.