Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Multiple geek layers

Even I was surprised at the multiple layers of geek embodied in this site: Wookieepedia.

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I heard Howard Stern mention it on today's show in connection with a funny interview one of the Stern show's correspondents, Gary Garver, did with a man at a recent Star Wars convention who was in costume as Darth Nihilus. In the "Wookieenews" section of the site, for June 19, 2007, there is already an entry that states:
  • Howard Stern—an influencial radio shock jock mentioned Wookieepedia, and proceeded to read from the Wookieepedia entry on Darth Nihilus.[1]
Gary Garver took a pretty hostile, "how long have you been living with your mother" attitude toward the guy and several others he interviewed and the variety of reactions was quite entertaining.

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E-Doo said...

The funniset part is they are now using samples of the "Dark Nihilus" guy's voice to place phony phone calls. Very funny stuff.