Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rock Band 2 triple cymbal expansion kit

This might be the greatest gaming accessory ever invented. I liked playing the drums on the Rock Band games before, but this takes it to the next level. It's still not exactly like actually playing drums (which I cannot, by the way), but the position and different levels of these cymbals contributes greatly to the illusion.

Rock Band 2 triple cymbal kit
Rock Band 2 triple cymbal kit

This adds a high-hat, ride and crash cymbal to the kit which not only make it more fun to play, it's actually easier and more intuitive. They are connected in such a way that each cymbal corresponds to one of the drum pads, so you effectively have two ways to successfully hit a beat during play. In addition, hitting the cymbal will produce the corresponding sound of a cymbal as opposed to the sound of a tom, so you also have a bit more control and can choose the sound produced for a particular beat. I understand there is a double cymbal expansion kit also, but you don't want that one -- you need the triple, trust me.

The build quality is solid, and I have not noticed any dropped "hits" during gameplay. I played my first virtual gig a few nights ago as the drummer and held my own on medium difficulty, so I am quite pleased.


E-Doo said...

I can't find the triple cymbal kit anywhere. I see the double one all over the place. Damn it!

Kevin said...

Not even at Fry's Electronics? I found my set at the Fry's on Northgate Blvd. This was weeks ago, but it seemed like they had a lot in stock, maybe ten or more boxes of them.