Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The new Blogger beta

Seeing as how this new beta version was declared "feature complete" as of November 2, I figured I'd jump in and convert. The process was easy, I just clicked on "Update my blog" from the old dashboard, signed in with a google account and the rest was all on google's end. The conversion took 3 to 4 minutes and I was notified at my gmail address when it was done.

So far things on the admin side look mostly similar, just more polished and with more features more easily managed. As far as I can tell, the blog's appearance to the outside world is identical to how it looked before. I look forward to organizing my posts by labels.

[UPDATE] The only suggestion I will make to potential converts is to consider whether you want to associate your new Blogger beta blog with a google account that is different from your primary gmail account. This is because unfortunately, when you sign out of Blogger beta you are signing out of your google accounts entirely, also logging you out of any other google services you are currently using.

Actually I just tried and confirmed, and this really sucks, that you can't be logged into two different google logins at the same time at all on the same computer. Well technically you can use a browser to monitor one gmail account and monitor a different gmail account via Gmail Notifier in your taskbar, but that's not really what we're talking about here. If you're like me you have gmail open all the time, you use google's personalized homepage, gcal and google maps often all at the same time, so inadvertently logging in and out of all of that is a hassle. It's best to have a separate google account solely for your Blogger beta blog so you only have to worry about that one thing.

I suppose you could use your main google/gmail account with Blogger beta so that you can stay logged into everything all the time. I hestiated to do that because I'm uncomfortable with my personal gmail data being so closely stacked in the "Google identity silo" with my blog posts.

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Maharet said...

it's not bad dude. i created a blogger beta account called misadventures on my site and i love it. thing is that since i have so many blogs on my site it's taking forever to convert. i prefer having one log on. with all the logging on i have to do at work i get sick of having to do it over and over again and i'm totally googled out! (that was a weird sentence wasn't it...) it's on my mobile too. maps and gmail. sweet. lol besides, i'm never logged out of google so that's going to save me a lot of hassle... the only problem is that i thought when we converted we'd be able to convert our many blogs on blogger into one giant blog on the beta...i'm getting the feeling that's not the case. pain in the ass because the reason i have so many blogs is because we really needed a labeling system. crappers. well, hope you're well. i know i haven't dropped in for a while! and merry christmas if i you don't see me around! lol :)