Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Accomplished

Remember to vote today, if you haven't already. Polls are open until 8p.

For those who want a quick reference for the Sacramento area:

Sacramento News & Review's recommendations; and

Sacramento Bee's endorsements.


chinacat01 said...

Hey I noticed you had trouble with your Sirius Star mate too, I lost my fuse to mine, can you tell me what is the amp so I can replace it. Thanks so much. jkindig77@yahoo.com

Kevin said...

chinacat01: thanks for your message. check out my post about replacing my DC adaptor for what the Starmate manual says about its power requirements. it's the first post at the link below:


I have not had a problem with the tuner itself, only the DC adaptor for the car. I don't know anything about amps and voltages, but if you go to someplace like Radio Shack they can help you find the right fuse.