Monday, August 28, 2006

Microsoft's Live Drive for Vista -- how about supporting the Xbox Live service?

Free online storage is a good idea -- it's convenient and, well, free.

With readily available upgrade options, free online storage is also less of a concern for PC users than for console gamers. I haven't heard yet whether Microsoft plans to integrate its Xbox Live service into Live Drive, but I bet it would be much appreciated by gamers.

Think of the ability to store game saves, trailers or demos online. This frees up local hard drive space on the console, plus would allow for a place to save these things for transfer back to the console in the event the console hard drive needs replacement or is at some future point upgraded with a larger capacity.

Sounds good to me.


McWilliams said...

Awesome idea. I like the concept of archiving your game saves. Only issue that I'm sure will come up is with hacker/modders access to their xbox saves/data. But if they opened a free online service that can only be accessed via your xbox and xbox live account, I can't see the harm in that.

Eric said...

Game saves are fine, but my skin always crawls a little when I think about offsite, Internet storage. You are hoping that employees at Company X are trustworthy enough not to look through your files just for kicks or other nefarious purposes. Something doesn't sit right with me in regards to the practice in general. I understand that the chances of someone looking through YOUR stuff within the terrabytes of info stored might be slim, but the chance is still there.