Monday, August 21, 2006

Boycott Beerfest, go see Artie Lange's Beer League

I know little about "Beerfest" beyond the inane TV ads and the movie's weak tagline, "From the comic geniuses who brought you the phenomenon 'Super Troopers.'"

Phenomenon? Phenomenon? Super Troopers is something you jump to late at night on basic cable inbetween segments of Talk Soup or the World Darts Championship on BBC Sport. When the best tagline you can come up with to promote your new movie actually promotes another movie you made five years ago, you can bet there was a problem selling this one to the studios.

What I know about Artie Lange's Beer League is that Artie Lange wrote the script, plays the lead character, and he also happens to be funny as hell as a full-time member of The Howard Stern Show on Sirius satellite radio.

Beerfest opens this Friday, but I have no plans to see it. There is no doubt I'm biased against Beerfest because I love Artie on The Howard Stern Show, but I like to support people whose talent I admire. The open nature of the Stern show and Artie's humor and storytelling ability on that show make me feel like I actually know him, so this is also about loyalty. Artie Lange's Beer League opens for limited release on September 15 with wider release soon after.

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C-had said...

Hey, did you see Artie on the William Shatner roast? OMG! haha

Kevin said...

I did see him on that roast. He was great, and the roast overall was really funny. I haven't laughed like that in a long time. I'm glad the "roast" is being revived. Stern has held three or four roasts since he started on Sirius.

Artie will be on David Letterman tonight, Wed 8/23.

Eric said...

My luck these days is at an all time low.

I told TIVO to make sure to record the roast. It did. However, when I played it back, on the screen in large white words were "PARENTAL BLOCK". I guess somehow my cable box got reset and the parental lock somehow turned on. I never configured "parental block" so I'm not sure why it came on. Sucks to be me.

C-had said...

Hey Eric, You can come watch it here if you like. In a way it was almost too bad to let Alex watch it was pretty crude, sort of along the lines of a Howard Stern show roast. For some reason, even though mine recorded, the last 10 minutes were cut off...

Kevin said...

Hey, you two -- I have the whole thing on videotape if you want to borrow it. I'm sure Comedy Central will replay it, but you're welcome to my tape if you want it.

Analog technology to the rescue!