Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Xbox 360 launches in U.S.

Cool. I don't plan on buying one until next spring when things have settled down and more games are available, but it's still exciting to read about the launch day craziness. The staff of several news sites have done reviews of the hardware, but the most detailed and interesting is from the guys at [H]ard|OCP, known mainly for their PC-oriented reviews. They have terrific pictures, taken incrementally during the unpacking process so it's almost like you're unwrapping a next-gen console of your very own. Also, great pics comparing the size of the 360 and its new controllers to the original Xbox and its controllers. Even more -- full hardware specs and a walkthru of the Microsoft Marketplace, a new feature of Microsoft's "Live" service that allows purchase of software and customized graphics, among other things. They even go through a couple of game reviews, Kameo and Project Gotham Racing 3. When I have more time I'll have to actually read the whole article in detail (it's five, count'em, five long pages with numerous external links).

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