Monday, November 07, 2005

Finally some sense -- from Jack Thompson?!

Jack Thompson has reportedly confirmed to that he has withdrawn himself as attorney in the Strickland v. Sony case in Alabama. The Strickland case was brought by Thompson's clients as a result of the murder of two police officers and a police dispatcher by an individual who is currently on death row in Alabama for the killings. This civil suit names as defendants Sony, Take2 Interactive, Rockstar Games, Wal-Mart and GameStop, alleging that the killer's obsessive playing of the Grand Theft Auto series of videogames (developed by Rockstar and published by Take2) was a direct cause of the murders.

I won't comment on the underlying crimes involved or speculate on what may happen next as I have very little information to go on. Jack Thompson's irrational and paranoid courtroom and media antics were a distraction from the plaintiffs' case and plaintiffs are better off now that he has withdrawn.

The best thing sensible people can do about Jack Thompson, and the worst thing for him, is to ignore him.

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