Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I don't know if we can

I am sad and dismayed this morning to see that the majority of voters in California appear to have chosen to incorporate discrimination and bigotry into the state's constitution with the passage of proposition 8 (Wikipedia entry). At this moment the results are not official, but with 95% of precincts reporting, proposition 8 is passing with 52% approval.

If it ultimately passes, proposition 8 will cast a dark, ugly shadow across the positive change embodied in Barack Obama. How is it that a state which voted for such fundamental change with Barack Obama can also embrace fear and ignorance to regress to the days of 19th century anti-miscegenation laws?

Those who think they are "protecting marriage" by supporting proposition 8 have done quite the opposite. Discrimination and bigotry against a minority group in our society undermines that society and its institutions, of which marriage is one. If passed, proposition 8 will turn the institution of marriage into a tool of "straight supremacy," something proposition 8 supporters can point to and say "marriage is ours" and that gays and lesbians are not equal under the law.

This is a terrible message to send to children and young people.

The contradiction inherent in electing a black president while simultaneously choosing to enact law to discriminate against a minority group is mind-blowing.


E-Doo said...

This morning I was going to write up something about my disappointment regarding the outcome of the vote on Prop 8. After reading what you wrote, it sums up my thoughts better than I probably could. I'll just link to what you wrote and call it a day, a sad one at that.

Rima said...

I was directed here by E-Doo's blog, and I am outraged and disappointed in 52% of the California voting population as well. As an American, one should have seen the wording "Eliminates the rights of..." and IMMEDIATELY voted no. Our country's foundation is the protection of our rights, especially against the tyranny of the majority. You captured my perspective on this topic as well.