Monday, January 28, 2008

Artie Lange on Letterman this Friday, 2/1

Be sure to watch the Lateshow with David Letterman this Friday, February 1.

Looks like Paris Hilton is scheduled to be the "main" guest, which sucks, but that should also give Artie some good material for his segment. I didn't hear Artie discuss this appearance on the show today, so I don't know how he rationalized around the Writer's Guild strike. He mentioned on a previous show that he wouldn't cross the picket line, but maybe the deal the Guild made with Dave's production company was enough.

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Jenny Gold said...

Little did we know that the actual appearance on Letterman would be the minor part of the story. All of the stuff that went around it like the Penthouse girls, Vinnie, and Dana make the story great!