Sunday, September 23, 2007

Game on!

[UPDATE: added info on motherboard & heatsink]

She's a real beaut -- manufactured July 19, 2007 with the Zephyr motherboard and an HDMI port:

I haven't been able to get a good picture through the ventilation grill to see if I have the new heatsink, but I believe all new Zephyr motherboards have it.

For the record, my very first contact was with an old Live friend, Inbound Orb, who sent me a message before I could even finish configuring my 360 profile.

See you all on the Halo 3 battlefield, co-op campaign and multiplayer.


C-had said...

Nice!! What is your gamer tag? I happen to have a dell widescreen LCD monitor you can borrow if you like. Let me know!

Kevin said...

Gamertag: arukasa

A widescreen LCD would be incredible! I'd love to borrow it to check out some hi-def action.