Friday, March 23, 2007

Results of a fitful sleep

I had a bizarre dream last night.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and I were making a disturbingly large ottoman, sometimes known as a footstool. Only this was no stool. We could've eaten dinner on this thing, it was huge. John and I were stuffing a fabric tube with cotton which we were then going to cut into four pieces for the legs. I don't think it would've held up.

But I wasn't worried about that. I was laughing hysterically at Jim while I was searching for a pen I could use to mark up the fabric tube. Lying on my side, much in the same position I usually sleep in, I couldn't get up or move I was laughing so hard. I don't remember what he said.

The only benefit I've seen to intermittent sleep is that I seem to dream more, or at least remember what I've dreamed. Jim Gaffigan has been making more frequent appearances on Comedy Central and you might also recognize him from recent Sierra Mist commercials.

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