Monday, February 12, 2007

Sony unaware of Metal Gear Solid 4?

Yes, it's true. I am a member of the "Playstation Underground." Pretty top secret, I know. I'm one of those types that likes to register things when I buy them, so I signed up for it when I bought my PS2. Every once in awhile they mail me stuff and today I received a nice, big (9 X 12) glossy pamphlet about the PS3 with all the reasons I shouldn't be able to resist buying one.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I can't add Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to my Playstation Underground game "wish list" because the game doesn't seem to exist anywhere within the US Playstation web site. Strange considering MGS4 is one of the most anticipated titles for the PS3 later this year.

What's weird is the game also doesn't appear on Konami's (the game's publisher) US web site. Maybe things are just being kept quiet until there's real news. Even the game's developer, Kojima Productions, has little info on the title. When all else fails, there's Wikipedia.


E-Doo said...

I've also heard rumors that it will be released for the XBox 360. check it here.

E-Doo said...

D'oh. Here's the link:

Maybe this is why they aren't promoting it on their web site.

Kevin said...

Damn, that has to be the fastest comment I've ever received!

That would be awesome if MGS4 came to the Xbox 360. One less console for me to buy. I remember reading that rumor and Konami was fuzzy about either confirming or denying it, saying something like "for now" it will be exclusive to PS3.

E-Doo said...

Brother, I got you on mobile RSS action on my BlackBerry.