Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Laserdisc gaming -- Cliff Hanger

A recent article on Gamepolitics reminded me of this classic gem. The game's page on Wikipedia had some interesting info and a few additional links. I can still remember playing the car chase scene where you had to weave your car back and forth to dodge grenades tossed by the car you were chasing. Also fighting ninjas. Lots of ninjas. And scuba diving -- it's slowly coming back! Apparently the game was created using clips from several Japanese anime cartoons.

I had no idea the game was so rare -- apparently only 550 arcade cabinets were manufactured -- and we had one in rural Cave Creek, AZ back in the 1980s. Man, that was a great gameroom, attached to a pizza joint of course. I spent countless hours and quarters playing Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Joust, Congo Bongo, Dragon's Lair and many others. Those were the days.

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E-Doo said...

I remember Dragon's Lair well enough. But I don't recall Cliff Hanger.